Sumdials - Enhancing Number Skills

Visual, Aural, Kinaesthetic - Positive reinforcement through visual, aural and kinaesthetic cues

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

How the Sumdials system works

The Sumdials system was carefully designed to ensure that basic maths skills are taught with numbers treated as discrete entities that make up the basic number facts / bonds, instead of a series of 'strategies'. In this way the system helps to develop 'automaticity' – the brain's ability to recall previously learned number facts without any conscious mental activity – and forms a solid foundation upon which further mathematical learning can be built.

A study by the University of Newcastle and a subsequent longitudinal study found highly significant improvements in both automaticity and overall mathematical attainment in those students who had used the SUMDIAL 1O. This suggests that the initial improvements in ATTAINMENTS have led to greater ACHIEVEMENTS in mathematics - everyone's goal and gained through INNOVATIVE teaching!

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